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About Us
What We Do
Are you looking for the best and latest high-end, unlocked wireless devices?
If so, Campton Electronics is the only place for you! We are a reliable online retailer offering the most sought after devices in the world, and bringing them to you unlocked and available to purchase before any other company on the planet. Our customer is always our primary focus, and their satisfaction with the product and service we deliver is our top priority. We are fortunate to employ a dedicated and talented team that allows us to provide our customers with the products and services they deserve, and our operation is led by one of the hardest working owners in the industry.
With over 35,000 unique and satisfied customers during more than seven years of operation, Campton Electronics has become a leader in the high end unlocked wireless industry. We invite you to find out why customers choose Campton Electronics by browsing our site or Contacting Us to speak with a camptonCare professional today.
We are committed to offering an extensive selection of the best high-end unlocked wireless devices, accessories, and digital photography equipment, at the most affordable prices possible, to technology lovers around the world.
We are focused on providing the best experience for our customers before, during, and after each sale, and we continuously strive to exceed expectations every step along the way.
We are dedicated to our environment, our customers, our partners, our team members and our brand, which means we treat everyone with respect, and we hope to earn the same in return.
We are passionate about the growth of our business through opportunities that meet the needs of our customers, improve the quality of life for our team members, and further the capabilities and reach of our brand.
We are honest, and we strive for the highest levels of integrity and class based on a personalized approach and a promise to be sincere and professional in all we do.
Why Campton Electronics?
In our personal lives, we feel strongly that trust and reliability are the two most important factors when making a purchase. For us, these elements come even before the price and availability of a product. At Campton Electronics, we acknowledge the likelihood that this preference for honestly and respect is demanded from our customers as well. While we are committed to offering high-quality customer care and the best availability of the latest devices, we know it takes more to earn a customer's trust. Therefore, we also stand by our ability to deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing your order will arrive on time, the sense of security that your financial information is secure and protected, and the assurance that NegriCare professionals are here to assist you in the event that any issue should arise before, during, or after the sale.

We look forward to your comments, your suggestions, and the opportunity to earn your business.